Grant FAQs

What are CSHF’s grant cycles?

CSHF’s main funding opportunity opens in November with applications due late January. CSHF also has two ongoing funding opportunities that have no specific deadlines (collaboration and capacity-building). On occasion, CSHF offers a more limited funding opportunity that opens in July with a deadline in late August/early September.  These grant cycles are subject to change.

How long will it take for a grant decision after our application is submitted?

Generally, the review and decision making process takes between two and four months. Decision turnaround time depends on how many applications are up for review at a given time and when the application was received relative to the board’s meeting schedule.

Does CSHF have a grant award range? What is a typical CSHF grant amount?

CSHF does not have set grant award minimum or maximum.  We look at the amount of the request relative to the total cost of the project/program and/or organizational budget. We like to see a diverse network of support for the work. Like most funders, CSHF prefers not to be the sole or majority funder.

What happens if we will not complete the work or expend all of the awarded funds during the grant period?

If you are facing some implementation challenges and/or if you won’t spend down the grant award within the grant period, please call CSHF staff to discuss.  An extension is possible, but we need to speak with you and understand the situation before considering an extension request.