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Colorado Springs Health Foundation’s main purpose is to make grants. This page outlines our general grant guidelines and our funding focus areas. Please note that each specific funding opportunity may have different or additional requirements or parameters.

- Springs Rescue Mission

Funding Focus Areas

Colorado Springs Health Foundation has identified four funding focus areas. These areas align with the Foundation’s mission, community need, community and stakeholder input, and the population health framework described above.

    • Expand access to healthcare for those in greatest need. This includes care for physical, mental, oral and/or substance use disorder-related concerns, and initiatives to address the healthcare workforce shortage.
    • Prevent suicide
    • Prevent or heal trauma
    • Cultivate healthy environments in high-need or underserved communities, specifically and exclusively:
      • Efforts  that encourage greater physical activity
      • Efforts that increase access to healthy, affordable food
      • Efforts that increase or retain transitional or permanent affordable housing

Grant Length

Most grants are for one year.

Multiyear grant requests are considered when an organization or collaboration needs support to initiate a new approach to addressing a community need or concern. CSHF will not entertain multiyear requests for general operating support or ongoing program operations.


Starting in 2023, we will split our main funding opportunity into two grant cycles:

  • Winter/Spring (late November – late April): The opportunity to request general operating, program/project, or capital funding for Access to Healthcare, Suicide Prevention and Preventing/Healing Trauma requests.
  • Summer/Fall (Early June – late October): The opportunity to request general operating, program/project, or capital funding for Healthy Environments requests.

Upcoming deadlines:

Summer/Fall 2023 Funding Opportunity

  • Funding Focus Area:
    Healthy Environments:
    (1) access to healthy, affordable food;
    (2) access to greater physical activity
    (3) transitional or permanent affordable housing
  • Open Date: Early June 2023
  • Grant Deadline: Aug. 17, 2023 noon MT
  • Grant Decision: Late October 2023

Winter/Spring 2024 Funding Opportunity

  • Funding Focus Area:
    Access to healthcare; Suicide prevention; Preventing/Healing Trauma
  • Open Date: Late November 2023 (tentative)
  • Grant Deadline: Mid-February 2024 (tentative)
  • Grant Decision: Late April 2024 (tentative)


The Colorado Springs Health Foundation will consider emergency funding requests in exceptional and uncommon circumstances. Please contact CSHF staff for additional information.

In rare occasions, the Colorado Springs Health Foundation may choose to consider requests that are within its mission yet outside the funding focus areas and offer both high potential for impact and strong alignment with CSHF values.

The grant application and information submitted in support of this grant application may be subject to release pursuant to the Colorado Open (Public) Records Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-201 et seq. This means that your detailed application, grant decision, final report contents and other application-related information may be shared.

The Foundation’s geographic scope is El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado.

Grant FAQs

CSHF’s main funding opportunity opens in November with applications due late January. CSHF also has two ongoing funding opportunities that have no specific deadlines (collaboration and capacity-building). On occasion, CSHF offers a more limited funding opportunity that opens in July with a deadline in late August/early September.  These grant cycles are subject to change.

Generally, the review and decision making process takes between two and four months. Decision turnaround time depends on how many applications are up for review at a given time and when the application was received relative to the board’s meeting schedule.

CSHF does not have set grant award minimum or maximum.  We look at the amount of the request relative to the total cost of the project/program and/or organizational budget. We like to see a diverse network of support for the work. Like most funders, CSHF prefers not to be the sole or majority funder.

If you are facing some implementation challenges and/or if you won’t spend down the grant award within the grant period, please call CSHF staff to discuss.  An extension is possible, but we need to speak with you and understand the situation before considering an extension request.

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