2019 Fostering Collaboration

A Grant Opportunity

Colorado Springs Health Foundation makes grants to target immediate health care needs and encourage healthy living in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado.

The Foundation has a strong interest in how collaborative models may help address our community’s complex health challenges. The Foundation believes that organizational collaboration holds unique promise for driving innovation and making significant impact on community health.

We define collaboration as: Multiple organizations, perspectives and disciplines formed and working together in pursuit of a common goal that could not be achieved individually. Collaboration is best used to address complex problems through systems change. Collaboration is difficult, resource intensive, and should be used sparingly, only when the problem and solution warrants this level of investment.

This funding opportunity is designed to support existing collaborative efforts whose shared purpose aligns with one of CSHF’s funding focus areas:

  • Expand access to health care for those in greatest need
  • Address the healthcare workforce shortage
  • Prevent suicide
  • Cultivate healthy environments within high-need, underserved communities. Please see CSHF’s grant seeker’s page to learn more about what we mean by “healthy environments.”

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Existing collaborative groups that aim to make a difference in one of CSHF’s funding focus areas and whose collaborative work serves El Paso and/or Teller Counties, Colorado.
  • The organization that submits the application on behalf of the collaboration and receives/administers the grant, if received, must be a 501(c)3 organization, a tax-supported institution like a school or a local/state government, or an organization operating under the fiscal agency of a 501(c)3 organization.

Applicants (existing collaborative groups) with the following attributes are considered more competitive:

  • Their goal(s) aligns tightly with CSHF’s mission and funding focus areas
  • They were established to pursue a common goal
  • They involve multiple (more than two) organizations or disciplines to achieve their goals
  • They have an established governance structure, including clear member roles and commitments
  • They have a track-record of making an impact, producing results
  • Their members contribute resources (in-kind or cash) to the proposed efforts
  • They seek out and apply evidence-based practices, whenever possible
  • Their proposed projects/efforts have high potential for positive impact on community health and could not be achieved by a single organization

Even if your collaboration does not possess all of the attributes described above, it may still be a good fit for applying. Discuss your collaboration with CSHF staff.

Length of grant: Generally one year, however, under certain circumstances, multiyear funding is available.


None. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested in applying for funding, you must speak with Colorado Springs Health Foundation staff about your proposal before applying. If you do not have this conversation first, your application will not be considered. Please sign up for a date/time that works for you.

Schedule a Conversation

For any questions please call or email CSHF staff at 719-985-8989 (office) or info@cshf.net to set up a time to talk.