2021 Capacity-Building Mini-Grant Opportunity

Colorado Springs Health Foundation makes grants to target immediate health care needs and encourage healthy living in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado. The Foundation acknowledges that organizations addressing the health and well-being of our community need to invest in their own capacities, competencies and skills in order to do this important work well.

As such, Colorado Springs Health Foundation is offering an additional capacity-building funding opportunity – one that is smaller, more responsive (faster decisions) and lower barrier (shorter application).

As always, the request must fit one of our five funding focus areas and serve the El Paso and/or Teller County region. Please see CSHF’s grant guidelines and funding focus areas here.

We are interested in discreet projects that enhance staff/volunteer skills and competencies toward greater organizational effectiveness and impact.

Mini-grant requests may not exceed $5,000.

Examples of capacity-building funding requests may include but are not limited to:

  • Planning (e.g. strategic planning)
  • Assessing impact (evaluation)
  • Board or other volunteer development and training
  • Staff development and training (e.g. conferences, coaching, training)
  • Communication consulting
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion coaching/consulting
  • Technology (e.g. hardware, software)

What it is not:

  • Support for direct services (e.g. hiring staff); organization or program expansion; or capital projects (CSHF has other funding opportunities for that)
  • Support for capacity-building needs that exceed $5,000 in cost (CSHF has another capacity-building opportunity for larger initiatives)

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Grant award decisions are expected within one month of the application’s submission.

If you are interested in applying for funding, you must speak with Colorado Springs Health Foundation staff about your proposal before applying.

Schedule a Conversation

Important Notes

  • Applicants must fit our grant guidelines and focus areas.
  • Current funded partners (grantees) are eligible to apply.
  • Organizations that have an application pending with CSHF are eligible to apply.
  • Organizations that are not current or past funded partners are eligible to apply.
  • Organizations may apply for and be awarded no more than two capacity-building mini-grants per calendar year.
  • Organizations must speak with CSHF staff prior to submitting an application.

Grant Period

One year.



The application may be found on-line.

Questions? Contact Cari or Jamie at info@cshf.net