2020 General Operating Support Funding Opportunity for Smaller Organizations

Colorado Springs Health Foundation recognizes that nonprofit organizations continue to struggle due to Covid-19, and we anticipate that 2021 may be even more difficult given the full, annual impact of Covid-19 on state and local budgets and organizations’ ability to fundraise in the same manner and magnitude as before Covid-19.

This special funding opportunity will provide general operating support to approved applicants.

Organizations who meet all of the following criteria are welcome to apply:

  • The organization had annual operating expenses of $1.0 MM or less in the prior fiscal year;
  • The majority of the organization’s work is a tight fit with at least one of CSHF’s funding focus areas;
  • The majority of the organization’s clients/patients/people served reside in El Paso and/or Teller County, Colorado.

Important notes:

  • Applicant organizations do not need to schedule a pre-application call.
  • If the grant is awarded, it will not count towards CSHF’s “time out” rule
  • Funded partners with a current grant are eligible to apply.
  • Grants will be calculated, awarded and dispersed in December.


  • Awardees will not know the amount of the award until December.  The amount could vary widely. The amount will be calculated based on the estimated amount of monies remaining relative to CSHF’s 2020 payout target. So, it is possible that awardees will receive very little if there is a small amount of money left to payout. For example, if we have $10K remaining and 40 awardees, each applicant receives only $250.  We want you to be aware of this as you consider whether to invest the time and energy in the application process.

Grant Period

One year.


Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at noon (mountain time)

The application may be found on-line.

Questions? Contact Cari or Jamie at info@cshf.net