COVID-19 Consulting Services Mini-Grant Opportunity

Organizations have had to make myriad changes due to COVID-19. The initial crisis has now evolved toward deeper strategic, financial and governance questions, which may benefit from capacity building/technical assistance. This mini-grant opportunity is designed to help organizations address their COVID-19-related capacity-building/technical assistance needs. Organizations may request no more than $2,500 for capacity-building/technical assistance consultation services. Consultative services must be capacity-building in nature, linked to COVID-19, and may relate to board governance, financial planning, mergers/strategic alliances, dissolutions, fundraising, executive coaching, legal, human resources, etc. This opportunity is designed for a limited number of consulting hours.

For planning and projects requiring more in-depth work or costing more than $2,500, organizations may apply for the capacity building/technical assistance opportunity.  Organizations receiving a mini-grant may apply to this opportunity if the organization wishes to pursue further work in capacity-building or technical assistance.

Requests must meet the eligibility criteria and fit one of the Foundation’s funding focus areas to be considered.

Important notes:

For this opportunity, organizations do not need to speak with staff prior to submitting an application.

Any organization receiving a mini-grant award will be asked to track the purchases made with the grant funding and report these at the end of the grant period.

Grant Period

One year.


There is no deadline for this opportunity. Decision notifications will be made no later than one month after submission.

The application may be found on-line.

Questions? Contact Cari at cdavis@cshf.net or Jamie at jbrown@cshf.net

For any questions please call or email CSHF staff at 719-985-8989 (office) or info@cshf.net to set up a time to talk.