Rally, RE-Energize, RE-Engage: Board Member Response to Covid-19

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Presenters: Kimberley Sherwood & Chuck Gale

We’ve been talking with a lot of folks around the community, the state, and the nation. As we know, no person or organization is immune from the ravages of COVID-19. The question is now what? Where do we put our time and attention as we begin to unwind from the profound disruption of the past 10 weeks? This is a strategic question, and one members of nonprofit boards of directors and their executives should be asking together.

Join us for our Learning Series session focused exclusively on helping board members and executive directors lead and govern through COVID-19. The session will give participants a FRAMEWORK to support effective governance in a time when board colleagues may be struggling to focus due to challenges in their own work and personal lives, challenged by how best to be of help, or concerned about how to lead in the face of uncertainty. 
The session will hone attention to the principles and practices that all high-performing boards employ, no matter the significance of the moment. We’ll engage in a thoughtful discussion about how these principles can help support intelligent governance and response in light of the pandemic.

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