2021 El Paso County Coroner’s Annual Report

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Presenters: Dr. Leon Kelly
El Paso County Coroner

Join us as Dr. Kelly shares the 2021 El Paso County Coroner’s Annual Report. The Coroner’s officer investigates all sudden, unexpected, and non-natural deaths. Dr. Kelly will share themes, trends and key takeaways gleaned from the death investigations. These findings will help us understand what is happening in our community to help guide the programming and changes that need to occur to help people live and thrive. There will be time at the end for questions.

This session will be virtual.

2022 El Pso County Coroner’s Annual Report

To ask questions or request accommodations, contact Jamie Brown at jbrown@cshf.net or 719.985.8989 by Thursday, June 9 , 2022.

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