CSHF Learning Session: Survey Design

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Join us for an upcoming learning session:
Writing a Survey that Answers Your Questions

Laura Sundstrom, Founder & Principal Consultant

Illuminary Perspectives, LLC

Ever sent out a survey and gotten crickets? Let’s fix that. Join us to master the art of crafting standout surveys that deliver actionable insights. We’ll cover when to use surveys, writing principles, structuring best practices, and distribution tips. At the end of this session, participants will better understand:

  • When surveys are the most appropriate method for your information needs
  • The pros and cons of different question types and key principles for writing survey questions
  • Best practices for question order, survey length, and structuring surveys
  • Suggestions for survey distribution and increasing your response rate


This will be a virtual session. Please register by Friday, August 9, 2024.

Upon registration, a Zoom link will be provided.

Please submit accommodation requests via [email protected] or 719.985.8989 by Friday, 8/09/24.

Please remember that our learning sessions are open to the public, so feel free to invite friends, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested!

Event Details


Friday, August 16, 2024


9 – 10:30 a.m.

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