To provide grants that target immediate health care needs and encourage healthy living.


El Paso and Teller Counties are the healthiest in Colorado.



Conduct all aspects of our work with accountability and transparency


Optimize public assets with the diligence with which it has been entrusted


Embrace risk by courageously advancing new ways to achieve our goals


Support innovative and collaborative approaches to solutions addressing community needs by partnering with others


Serve as a leader and community health catalyst for change

The Foundation’s geographic scope is El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado.


When the citizens of Colorado Springs voted to lease Memorial Health System to the University of Colorado Health in 2012, they also decided to establish a foundation. This historic vote ensured that the proceeds of the lease would benefit the health and wellness of El Paso and Teller County residents for generations to come.

The Colorado Springs Health Foundation was created to fulfill this responsibility. Each year, a percentage of the invested corpus is awarded in grants to qualified organizations focused on improving community health in El Paso and Teller Counties.


The Mayor of Colorado Springs nominates the Board of Trustees and the Colorado Springs City Council votes on the nominees. Current board members include:

  • Martha Barton
  • Kathy Boe
  • Debbie Chandler
  • Mary Coleman
  • Lynette Crow-Iverson
  • Jim Johnson
  • Jon Medved
  • Mia Ramirez
  • Thayer Tutt


  • Cari Davis, Executive Director
  • Jamie Brown, Program Officer

Financial Information

Audit Report.

The most recent Form 990 is available upon request.