What we’re reading now

A lot about the opioid crisis. Here are a few interesting resources:

The Distress Index is an interesting way to view communities in need based on some social determinants of health. You may search by zip or county or congressional district. Check out the searchable/interactive map produced by Economic Innovation Group. http://eig.org/2017-dci-map-national-zip-code-map

And, if you’d like a little nourishment for the soul, we highly suggest listening to Krista Tippet’s 2008 interview with poet/philosopher John O’Donahue via her On Being podcast: https://onbeing.org/programs/john-odonohue-the-inner-landscape-of-beauty/  Suffice to say that he speaks to so much of what ails us in this current age, touching on relationship, isolation, beauty, leadership, connection, grace, landscape. Though “health” doesn’t appear once in the previous listing of words, our health is intrinsically tied to much of this. Especially for those of you working so hard on mission-based work, well, this might just be a lovely way to refresh your heart and mind. It was for us.