2018 Changes to CSHF Grantmaking

Starting in 2018, CSHF will expand one of its funding focus areas and offer multiyear grants for general operating and program requests.

School-based healthy eating/active living will broaden to “healthy environments,” an intentionally broad term that includes improvements to built environment and affordable, nutritious food access and consumption. All other funding focus areas will remain unchanged. School-based healthy eating/active living initiatives will continue to be eligible for funding given that they are a part of healthy environments.

Multiyear grant requests will also be considered starting in 2018. Organizations or existing collaborations requesting general operating or program support may request up to three years of support with a single application. If an organization or existing collaboration has received three years of continuous support of any kind, it will be required to take a two-year “time out” before re-applying. The three-year clock starts in 2018, regardless of whether an organization or collaboration has received CSHF funding before. Capacity-building/technical assistance and capital requests are limited to one-year only.

The next general funding opportunity will open in early December with an application deadline of Jan. 25, 2018. Applications for capacity-building/technical assistance or fostering collaboration funding are accepted at anytime.

To learn more details about our grant opportunities, funding focus areas and/or our multiyear funding parameters, please see our website at cshf.net/grant seekers/