Healthy Environments

What do we mean?

Colorado Springs Health Foundation’s mission is to make grants to target immediate health care needs and encourage healthy living in El Paso and Teller Counties, Colorado. Cultivating healthy environments is one way to encourage healthy living.

Healthy Environments is an intentionally broad term that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Environments that increase easy, safe access to spaces and places (the built environment) that invite and encourage greater physical activity
  • Environments that increase access to affordable, nutritious food and consumption of healthy food and beverages (e.g. vegetables, fruits, water)

CSHF has a strong preference for requests targeting high-need and underserved communities or neighborhoods. By high-need, we mean communities or neighborhoods that experience clear and demonstrated health disparities (higher rates of chronic disease, obesity, etc.). By underserved, we mean communities or neighborhoods challenged by social and economic factors such as income, employment, educational attainment, housing, transit, etc.

Healthy Environments funding requests may involve changes to policies, systems and/or practices. They may include improvements to infrastructure or amenities within the built environment. They may include programming (often described as activation in the built environment context). They may involve planning, implementation and/or evaluation efforts. General operating, program or capital requests are welcome. Please see our Grants for more details on funding eligibility and parameters.


If you have any questions about Healthy Environments, please contact staff at (719) 985-8989 or at

Note: One of CSHF’s previous funding focus areas was school-based healthy eating and/or active living. This work is considered to be a part of Healthy Environments, and therefore continues to be eligible for funding.