Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Springs Health Foundation. This page outlines our general grant guidelines. Please note that each specific funding opportunity may have different or additional requirements or parameters. If you are interested in learning about current grant opportunities, please click here.


Applicant organizations must be one of the following:

  • Tax-exempt (501(c)3)
  • Operating under the fiscal agency of a tax-exempt organization
  • Tax-supported like a school or local/state government

Applicant organizations must serve either El Paso and/or Teller Counties, Colorado.

Grant requests must align with Colorado Springs Health Foundation’s mission and its funding focus areas, described below.

In general, Colorado Springs Health Foundation will consider all types of grant requests (general operating, program, capital, capacity-building, etc.). Capital requests may not exceed $100,000, however, CSHF reserves the right to make exceptions.

Grant size (amount approved) varies significantly. Colorado Springs Health Foundation prefers not to provide continuous and/or sole funding for a request.

Colorado Springs Health Foundation does not support:

    • For-profit organizations
    • Individuals
    • Requests for annual appeals, membership drives, fundraising events, political candidates or lobbying efforts
    • Activities that are inherently religious

Multiyear Grants: Starting in 2018, CSHF will consider multiyear requests for general operating or program funding. If a funded partner (grantee) receives three years of continuous funding, regardless of type (general operating, program, capital, capacity-building/technical assistance, a combination), it will be asked to take a 2-year time out before applying again. Grants made to the organization prior to 2018 will not count toward the 3-year continuous funding rule. Questions on multiyear grant parameters? Please contact CSHF staff.


Colorado Springs Health Foundation understands that health outcomes (length of life and quality of life) are influenced by multiple factors. These factors include clinical care, health behaviors, social and economic determinants and the physical environment. This is termed a “population health framework” or “population health model.” To learn more about it and how our community stacks up against other Colorado counties, check out the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings and Roadmaps site found here.

As a starting point for grantmaking, Colorado Springs Health Foundation identified four areas of investment focus. These areas were chosen to align with the Foundation’s mission, community need, key stakeholder and focus group input, and the population health framework described above.

Funding Focus Areas:

    • Expand access to health care for those in greatest need
    • Address the workforce shortage of primary care or psychiatric providers
    • Prevent suicide
    • Cultivate healthy environments in high-need or underserved communities

On rare occasions, the Colorado Springs Health Foundation may choose to consider requests that are within its mission yet outside the funding focus areas  and offer both high potential for impact and strong alignment with CSHF values.


Applicant information may be subject to release (public review) pursuant to law.


Please contact Foundation staff with any questions regarding these general grant guidelines. We are happy to speak with you!